Wednesday, 30 December 2009

End-2009 commentary: 'This aggression will not stand, man!'

Some holiday break, final 2009 thoughts and tit-bits:

  • If on a Amsterdam-Detroit flight with a dodgy curry in the gut look forward to being described as “verbally aggressive” when the crew cut short your bog time and forcibly check your underpants for explosives.
  • A single, inattentive blunder is all a competitive son requires to put an end to patronising chess “coaching”. When he’s nine this may send you back to strategy books.
  • Three helpings is more than enough to show one's appreciation of the cook.
  • If you need to get out of petro industry contractual obligations whilst working a mid-east war zone have colleagues tell the clingy hosts you already left. Then skip town on the next bus to Jordan.
  • Considering a career in cosmetics television advertising? The phrase “collagen biospheres” will get you more airtime than your viewers will appreciate.
  • The Slacker King not only gave the title of this post, he's still cool. Embrace it, man. But in light of point 1 maybe don't actually go in person to Amsterdam for the Good Stuff.

In other news, this was the year (pending December numbers) to ride the ‘Convertible & equity arbitrage’, ‘Latin American equity’ and ‘Technology’ waves in the alternative investment space (league table via Absolute return+alpha). These latter two are also comfortably the highest returning longer-term strategies (or so suggests the downloadable data AR make available).

For the purposes of this blog, vanilla US long/short returned a respectable 14% or so - which truly lets the smug-times roll for DBS (pending the inevitable disaster). But then vanilla probably has less volatility.

May 2010 keep you healthy, happy and curious (at least oeneologically-speaking)!

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