3 Ways You Can Stay Safe on the Construction Site

Dangers at the construction site abound, and staying safe should be your number one priority. Employers should provide everything you need to have and know to keep yourself from getting injured while on the job. However, there are some extra measures you should take to ensure you go home in one piece. Take a look at these three things you can do now to stay protected.

3 Ways You Can Stay Safe on the Construction Site

1. Wear Safety Gear

Contractors usually provide safety gear to employees on the job. There are certain standards governed by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration and iowa workers compensation law that employers must maintain to stay in business. However, not all supervisors may enforce the requirement to wear the gear. To stay safe, wear the things that are meant to protect you, such as hard hats, gloves, goggles, and chemical shields. These may be difficult to get used to and work with at first, but over time, you’ll be happy they kept you protected.

2. Get Adequate Sleep

Nodding off or zoning out at any job is not good, but when you’re dealing with heavy machinery, being sleepy can be downright catastrophic. Exhaustion results in mistakes and these mistakes may have devastating consequences for you and your co-workers. Make sure you rest up and get plenty of sleep before taking on a full day at the site.

3. Don’t Operate Machinery You Aren’t Trained To Use

Don’t be tempted to operate equipment you are not trained to use. Even if it seems like it’s easy to figure out, you may hurt someone else by accident. If you don’t know how to use something, ask a supervisor to send you to a class. Your employer wants to get the job done efficiently and safely according to Iowa workers compensation laws.

Be aware of your surroundings and always follow proper protocol around the job site. Construction accidents make up a sizeable market share of the workers’ compensation claims filed yearly. Do your part of maintaining a safe and productive environment for yourself and others.

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