There is often a requirement of opening a newer account in the bank in a variety of cases. The opening of the accounts is now quite easy both to the residential Malaysians as well as the Non- Residential people. The processes are too easy to go with and also require lesser time span. Opening the accounts is often free of any cost.


the primary requirement for opening a bank account in Malaysia, one needs to get a reference from the Malaysian contact or through a company. There is often a requirement to hold the permanent working permission under the programme “MM2H” in order to make the work go easy. But the regulations are not same with all the banks, so, there is need of some other important document like the VISA. Some banks also require the details of the Police or the Armed forces ID Cards, the birth certificates, and the passports. One may also possess some others like the Utility bills and the letter of confirmation from the job sectors. There is always a preset application form that needs o be filled by the applicants to avail the services.


The eligibility for the opening of the new bank accounts is that a person needs to be of 18 years minimum. In case the person is Non-residential, he can avail the facility only if the country he belongs to is acceptable to the bank. In most banks, there is often a rule that speaks that if the previous account of the person is terminated or suspended due to some reason in the same bank, he might not be able to create a newer one.

OCBC Malaysia

This is a renowned bank in Malaysia that allows the people to create newer accounts. The service that is offered by the bank is the “OCBC 360 Account” which is in the form of savings account that allows the eligible customers to earn better rewards. One can apply for new bank account here at https://www.ocbc.com.my/personal-banking/accounts/360/index.html.


There are certain terms and conditions that require importance.

  • The minimum amount that needs to be deposited is only RM500. There is however never an issue to maintain a minimal amount in the bank. But if a person has zero balance over 90 days, the account will be suspended
  • The interest that will be earned by the account holder is totally abided by the prevailing rate of interest in the bank.
  • There is always a predetermined format that needs to be filled by the account holder in the criteria like the“deposit”, “bill payment” and also the “credit card and/or debit card”.

With this filled up form, one can avail to multiple facilities according to the choice of the customer which may also include the loan facilities. However, one needs to go through each and every rule pertaining to the home loan facilities, personal loans, credit or debit cards and whatever the case may be.

There are multiple facilities sign the banks of Malaysia that allow the people to enjoy extra benefits with added interest rates with the minimum amount of deposit and the maximum amount that needs to be spent. With such policies, life can be an enjoyable one.

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