A Checklist for Office Relocation

If the order books are brimming and things are looking good, your thoughts are turning to new office space. The old office simply doesn’t but it anymore, and a relocation will put you in the CBD, which is where you need to be.  Office relocations are complex, and unlike the home, things cannot be put on hold while the move is underway, and this means you need a high level of planning in order to successfully relocate your business without compromising things in any way. Zero downtime is the goal here, and if you are soon to be changing your registered business address, here is an essential checklist to ensure nothing is overlooked.

A Checklist for Office Relocation

  • Arrange for Utilities – In the panic that ensues when packing everything, the utilities at both the old and new premises need to either be terminated or connected, and without this, everything will grind to a halt. Your Internet connection would be included in this, and your IT people should ensure that all cabling is in place prior to the relocation. If you use a LAN, then this needs to be installed ahead of time, thus ensuring your workstations will be fully armed.
  • Source a Removal Company – This is a critical choice and could be the difference between a nightmare move and a smooth transition. If you’re looking for office removals in Melbourne, for instance, all it takes is an online search and a little browsing and you should find an experienced contractor.
  • Outsource the Packing – As tempting as it might be to have your office staff do this, it is not a good idea. This will seriously hamper your regular daily activities, and that will have an impact on your business. The removal company would likely have a labelling system, and with tapeless storage boxes, the unpacking is much easier. The professional packers also have all the equipment needed to pack and transport office furniture and equipment, and once you hand them the itinerary, they will be able to handle the packing.
  • Confirm the Move Date – It is standard practice in the removal industry for the customer to confirm to actual moving dates, which should be done a week or so before the move is planned. Confirmation is necessary as there are so many reasons why a delay might happen, the new building might not be ready for occupation, or perhaps awaiting delivery of essential furniture or IT hardware, and with a call to the removal company a few days before, will ensure they are good to go.
  • The Big Clean – Both premises should be cleaned thoroughly, and if you do not have the staff for this, an online search would help you locate a local cleaning service, who can ensure that the new offices are ready for occupancy.

Once you have partnered with a good office removal company, they will take most of the strain, allowing you to focus on what you do best – running your business.

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