A newborn: Comegis-Digital!

The Comegis Conseils agency, which specializes in business management consulting, assists entrepreneurs in their development. Based in Brest, Rennes and Paris, she wants to be extremely close to these leaders in order to give them personalized support.

The consultants of the Comegis team accompany the heads of companies on various points that are:

  • The analysis and determination of the indicators that allow to promote an efficient growth of their activity
  • Improving the economic performance of its business by optimizing its margins in order to increase its financial profitability
  • The creation of effective tools to define and monitor its daily activities to improve its performance
  • Definition and support in the internal or external strategic choices inherent in the company

Designed to provide pragmatic and concrete support to company managers, its founder wanted to rely on a flexible organization that allows its consultants to act as a simple external consultant or directly within the company itself.

Today, Comegis Conseils is acquiring a new business by giving birth to Comegis Digital.

Convinced of the importance of digital and a lack of training and information of the executives on the Digital, Comegis Consulting makes the big leap in the world of Internet.

Comegis Digital now offers company managers different accompaniments that can be:

  • Outsourcing a Digital Project
  • The design and implementation of a company’s web communication
  • An accompaniment on the company’s Internet strategy
  • Optimization of digital performance
  • Support and implementation of paid referencing campaigns

Comegis Digital, complementary activity of Comegis Conseils also intervenes in Brest, Rennes and Paris.

The aim of this new entity is to meet the expectations of local businesses and small and medium-sized businesses that do not have the internal resources and knowledge necessary to have an efficient Internet presence. Based on the same values as Comegis Conseils, the digital business offers its customers solutions in line with their expectations, especially and especially in terms of profitability.

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