About Metal Blacking, Antiquing and Finding a Professional Service

If you own something metal and have ever wondered how you can simultaneously enhance both the appearance and the performance of the item, metal blacking or antiquing might be your answer.

Both blacking and antiquing are essentially decorative finishes that possess a number of protective qualities for metal items. Antiquing, specifically, offers a unique “antique” look that can really add something special to the item of your choosing.

For the best results in either blacking or antiquing, it’s important that you seek professional services for the job. Companies who specialise in the blacking process possess the special equipment and chemicals necessary to ensure maximum quality.

How Does It Work?

Different blacking companies may use different methods to reach good results, but this is often a fairly simple process. You are essentially changing the chemical composition of your item, which results in exterior changes.

Blackfast is a blacking and antiquing company that uses an extremely simply chemical dipping method to draw out specific surface characteristics. The chemical process is usually ideal because it’s more comprehensive, and the chemicals typically provide the greatest coverage of the item, even reaching those hard to get or out-of-sight areas.

While this is a chemical process, the chemicals don’t harm the integrity of the item itself but, rather, enhance it.

What Metals Will Work?

The blacking and antiquing process doesn’t work well for all metals, and the primary metals consist of the following:

  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Zinc

If the item you wish to undergo the process is made of any of the above metals, you’re in the clear, and you can get started on the process, whether the item is large or small. Antiquing is commonly used for various fittings, figurines, jewellery, buttons, plates, coins, and virtually anything that meets the metal requirements.

Why Do It?

So, why do this, exactly?

You could very well do this strictly for the aesthetic advantage, but there are also several benefits that extend beyond appearance.

  • No dimensional changes
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Safety benefits

Blacking tiny fittings and parts of machinery can reduce lighting glare from the bare metal and eliminate any safety concerns that go with it. The chemical process guarantees your item remains the same size without adding thickness or altering the shape in any way.

One of the more popular advantages is the corrosion resistance. The chemical composition changes mean your metal item is much less prone to rust or other exterior damages and is better conducive to protective sealants. So, whether you are looking to create a different look, add some protective features, or both, you can take advantage of the blacking and antiquing processes.

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