Affordable Office Solutions for Small Businesses

One of the toughest things to achieve with a new business is the establishment of credibility. If a new enterprise wants to have a prestigious office address in the CBD, it would have to wait a few years, until the business was strong enough to manage the significant costs that accompany plush office space, yes over the past few years, digital technology has enabled virtual office services to enter the arena, and this has profound advantages for the startup enterprise.

Virtual Office Services

This involves a number of specific services, which would include the following:

  • Prestigious Office Address
  • Office Space Rental
  • Professional Receptionist Services
  • Telephone Answering Services
  • Message Taking Services

For all intents and purposes, the virtual office offers everything required to project the right image to the business. Any voice communication would be professionally handled by receptionists who are fully briefed on the client’s business, and with mail forwarding and message taking, your business image is a reflection of success. If you’re living in the UK, and are planning to launch a business soon, Message Direct are the people to talk to, as they are the leading provider for all office services, and with their help, you have everything covered.

Office Rentals

A small business might not require office space at first, and can function perfectly well in a virtual office environment, yet sooner or later, a client would have to visit the company, and this can be facilitated by your virtual office provider, who would have plush offices that you can rent for as long as you wish. Meeting and conference rooms with state of the art facilities mean you can conduct your business efficiently, and with your own signage in place, you are projecting a very successful image.

Professional Receptionist Services

This really does put forward the right image, as any call is answered in your company name, and can be put through to any mobile or landline you wish, allowing you instant communication while projecting the right image. Virtual receptionists are highly trained and also briefed fully on the client’s business, and all calls are answered within a few seconds, meaning you will never lose an enquiry due to slow response. This allows a person who is in another part of the country, say the Midlands, yet they can receive a call to their offices in London, and the caller will not be aware of this and will assume you are actually sitting in your London offices.

Rapid Response

The key to the smooth running of any organisation is rapid response, and with professional message taking services and Internet connectivity, your business will run very efficiently, and all at a fraction of the cost of a real office premises and network set up.

There are established UK virtual office providers who can help a new business to create the right image, and also maintain smooth communication across a range of platforms, and with an online search, you can find out more.

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