Benefits of Personal Accident Insurance

Have you ever thought of buying a personal accident insurance to cover your medical fee when you get unexpected accidents and injuries? We cannot anticipate any  accidents, or misfortune. Our insurances services ensure that  we will always be available to support you immediatedly when you are in need from consulting to processing the procedures.

Benefits of Personal Accident Insurance


Nowadays, most of people think of buying insurances to cover any hospital fee if there are any unexpected events occur. Our Personal Accident Insurance includes coverage for unexpected accidents or events such as dismemberment, traffic accidents, temporarily or permanently injuries, accidental death (paid to beneficiaries), third degree burns and coma. With the yearly living support benefit, you can be sure you will have continuous support you if you unfortunately lose your body parts or suffer a permanent disability.

Moreover, at a time of loss of income, we can cover your bills for you. You will be able to maintain your standard of living while recuperating by way of payment of an agreed percentage of your salary or your wages. We can plan for such occurrences by taking out personal insurance coverage. Our policy is designed to cushion the financial effect of a disabling accident to you, whether it is permanent or temporary, your medical expenses will be paid immediately if you got disability, loss of one or more limbs, or sight, total disablement, temporary partial disablement.

Apart from personal accident, we also offer group personal accident and travel insurance. This kind of insurance provides a wide range of cover but it is simple to buy and delivers the promised benefits effectively. The injury and travel covers can be bought together or separately and a range of our valuable services. One important thing is that this insurance can be purchased together or separately, however, benefits for the company and insured individuals that can be used even without a claim.

It is now common practice for companies to buy insurances for their employees to cover their most valuable assets while travelling or working around the globe. The option of when and where the cover operates, are selectable. And some of the benefits can be used to improve the corporate employment package. Therefore, no matter which country their employees are in, it is important that they get rapid assistance for any eventuality which unexpected accidents or events may occur.

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