Business consultants: therapists at the bedside of companies?

The parallel may seem exaggerated, or even totally inappropriate, but today, and even more so tomorrow, the role of advice to SMEs can be compared to the medical sector. Indeed, in the same way as our friends in white coats, advances in terms of research and technological developments are causing upheavals in our numbers business. The only so-called “declarative” mission often labeled to accountants, and the production of annual accounts is no longer enough to bring real added value to our customers. Increasingly automated, computerized, or subcontracted, these missions generate little or no interest in numbers professionals, even though that was their main business a few years ago.

In order to continue the comparison, to often assimilate to a generalist of the figure, the accountant or the consultant in companies from now on to role of the current symptoms of our SMEs, to diagnose the axes of improvement, and of course to “prescribe” solutions of development. The business consulting market represents close to € 5.5 billion in turnover (see article Les Echos “Chartered accountants, take hold of advisory missions on an emergency basis”); There seems to be a need for an awareness of this shift in the way SMEs operate in France, both for consultants and for entrepreneurs themselves, as many of them are still unaware of the value added “good advice”.

Gentlemen of the professionals of the number, adapt your offer of services, offer more advice and accompaniments: be force of proposals with your customers!Gentlemen, business owners, creators and buyers, do not miss the progress of technological progress, expand your information systems, develop your websites, give your activity to the daily development of our company! And above all: be reactive, the earlier the diagnosis … the more effective the treatment!

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