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Technological advancements are making today’s metal forming machines like press brakes faster and more efficient than ever.In most shops, these newer machines will be working hand-in-hand with older ones, making concerns about maximizing efficiencies and reducing bottlenecks ever-present in the minds of operators. With JPS Machinery, the right Industrial Press Brakes is within your reach because we have the industry’s widest selection of precision bending with a 3,4 or 8 automatic axis.

Press Brake Machinery

This article will give you some steps to better manage your press brakes and ensure they perform their best. Pay attention to what’s going on at each step. By taking simple steps like these – analyzingsetup and bending times, following lean manufacturing principles, properly organizing your tools, and exploring the benefits of offline programmingyour shop can streamline the usage and management of its press brakes.

Firstly, to maximize efficiency, operators need to have a precise understanding of what’s happening before and throughout the bending process.

Secondly, focuses specifically on 5S: “Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardise, Sustain”. A workplace organization methodology that helps you to identify and remove unnecessary items, keep areas clean and coordinated, and establish guidelines to standardize procedures. To boost efficiency even further for recurring jobs, consider establishing a set of standard operating procedures that encourage consistency, reduce setup time, and cut down on the amount of scrap you produce.

Thirdly, organise your tooling. There are two most common ways by which shops group their tools are: Material thickness and Job type. Regardless of the route you choose, it’s important to stay consistent across the board. This will help you track tooling usage, and it will make it easier for operators to transition between jobs and machines.

Finally, having offline programming capabilities which will enable operators to program sequences without needing to be at the machine.By simulating bending processes remotely, you can limit the number of tryout bends, since offline programming tools will be able to intuitively take into account the capabilities of your available tooling as well as make bend deductions.

We back each machine with JPS Machinery’s Press Brake Machinery industry-leading service and support. Many of our production have enhancing options, warranty & ongoing technical support by our UK based service team. With smart, value-added features and options including updated software with auto tooling, collision-check, tool layout, bend reports and back-gauge editing our press brake technology can’t be beat.Contact us today to discuss your press brake needs.

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