Companies that could protect your vehicle

Insurance Companies that would Protect Your Vehicle


Accidents happen without warning, and it is very important for us to ready ourselves whenever one would happen. Insurance policies for vehicles are in demand these days, and they can be used to cover for the expensive repairs.

Insurance Companies that would Protect Your Vehicle

These are some of the most reliable insurance companies that can help you whenever you are involved in an accident and would need an expensive repair:

  1. Endurance – This insurance company gets the highest approval rating from customers. They are known to provide a wide selection of insurance plans, and there are people who would testify for the company’s reliability. The plans can be paid for 24 months, and there are several options whenever the vehicle gets additional mileage. Endurance also has a dedicated 24/7 hotline that provides excellent customer service. Endurance is highly recommended because of their affordability, reliability and customer centric approach.
  1. American Standard Auto Protection – Commonly known as ASAP, this insurance company is the second highest rated insurance company, and what the people love about them is their policy of allowing their customers to pay for the insurance plans for 36 months. ASAP also has a roster of excellent customer support representatives that are friendly and helpful. ASAP only offers three insurance policies, but it is more than enough to help their customers who is in need of repairs. The three insurance policies they offer can be used in a wide range of situations which will help anyone who is involved in an accident.
  1. Autopom – This insurance company offers a protection plan that can be used for vehicles that has over 225,000 mileages. This is the highest mileage point for any insurance company, and because of this, Autopom is also highly recommended by their customers. People who are traveling a lot benefits greatly from the insurance provided by Autopom, and they are saying that the company is very reliable. However, they lack a 24/7 customer service support, so if a breakdown takes place in the middle of the night, the customer has to wait for their office to open.
  1. Carchex – This insurance company elevates the playing field for vehicle insurance company because of their additional six year insurance coverage that comes on top of the warranty provided by the vehicle manufacturer. They offer five insurance protection plans, and they are very useful if the vehicle needs to undergo a lot of repairs. Carchex protection plans are one of the most sought after insurance plans because of the coverages that they offer, and people who are purchasing these plans only have to pay $200 deductible. If there are any problems with the vehicle, the customer has to take it to the dealership first and have it diagnosed. After determining the problem, Carchex is the one to follow up the repairs, and they will be paying it 100% if the issue with the vehicle is covered.
  1. AA Auto Protection – This insurance company offers a lot of coverages and plans for their customers. However, the mileage mark is fairly low, at only 100,000 miles. Customers would have to should all of the repairs if they reach beyond the mileage point. There is a $100 deductible that the customers have to pay if they will be taking their vehicle to the dealership for repairs. Customers who are in need of a rental vehicle are also given a $30 budget. The company does not have a dedicated 24/7 customer service hotline, so they must be contacted through email and other means.
  1. Delta Auto-Protect – This insurance company provides the lowest deductibles at $50. Their customers in the United States are saying that the reason why they chose Delta Auto-Protect is because of the low deductible. They are also happy with the 140,000 mile limit that the insurance company provided, however, their disadvantage is the lack of a 24/7 customer support hotline.
  1. – This insurance company is providing customers with vehicle insurance plans that is payable for a period of three years. However, there is a disadvantage – the customer service representatives working for lacks the experience, and they are described as being too pushy and sometimes, disrespectful. People are also becoming frustrated with the service that they are receiving from the insurance company. The advantage with is that their insurance plans have low deductibles and they offer a huge number of insurance plans.
  1. Warranty Direct – This insurance company offers coverage plans that can be used within 60 days for free, and they refer to it as a trial period. The customer can refund their money within 60 days if they are not satisfied with the protection given by Warranty Direct.
  1. USAA – This insurance company provides the owners of the vehicle a protection that would last for a decade, and it can be used up until the vehicle registered 115,000 miles. If it is beyond 10 years and 115,000 miles, the customer would shoulder any payments for the repairs. The USAA is a great insurance provider; however, the drawback is that they are only selling their insurance plans to the members of the military. The plans from USAA are affordable and reliable, but it is not available to ordinary citizens. For those who are working with the military, the USAA is a great insurance company to deal with.
  1. Youi Insurance – This is known as one of the most reliable insurance providers in New Zealand, and the insurance company has already developed several plans that will help car owners. The company is known for their reliability, and they really know how to deliver their promises for the satisfaction of their customers. The company is also known for their benefits, and when being checked online, it is evident that the former employees working for this New Zealand insurance company are satisfied with how they are being treated by the management. You can also have a look at the reviews Youi New Zealand has got.


In times of need, it is very important that we are working with reliable insurance providers to help us out. When choosing the insurance providers, we have to check their background and their performance, to help us decide which company suits our needs.

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