Convenience store, How to increase its turnover?

There are many consumers who notice the closure of small businesses in our neighborhoods. When we walk in Paris, Rennes or Brest, we observe openings … then a few months after their closure. These early closures may of course be due to action plans that have not been sufficiently worked on. An ill-established forecast, a badly chosen catchment area, a hoped-for clientele that is not at the rendezvous.

Many traders unfortunately and too often forget the interest of linking their physical trade to a showcase on the Internet. The barge of 2017 is of course walking in the street but makes more and more its choice beforehand on the Internet. In these new installations, estimates sometimes fail to take account of advertising costs related to a showcase on the Internet. The cost of operating a website is rarely used in calculations and yet.

And yet, many businesses could see their activity take off greatly with the help of a website, a blog. It is enough to little to make a small place on the web in his community. This small square can be concretized by a simple showcase site, well referenced it will bring you a free clientele, which will be ready to visit your business even if it is more than 15 minutes walk.

It can also be realized by the creation of an e-commerce site. This will allow your customers to pick up their products in-store, have them delivered to your home and you will be able to reach a new clientele. New customer base, thus potential new source of revenue.

Why not contact one of our web consultants in order to help you in your approach on the Internet?

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