Dad’s Marketing”: Not So Has Been!

We announce every week the end of marketing as we know it. The digital revolution will revolutionize everything … in short, we throw everything and we start again! Point of salvation out of inbound marketing, content marketing or even the UX design …

But nothing does, marketing to Papa resists again and always. It resists, because it is the basis of marketing today and it works. This marketing is the foundation of marketing on which all the digital tools of today are based!

But then, what are these fundamental more than ever unavoidable!


The first tool diagnosis perhaps PESTEL matrix to analyze its environment: P olicy, E economic, S ociologique, Technologique, Ecological, L equal. The objective of this model is to evaluate the influence of external factors on your company. Knowing its environment is an obvious fact often forgotten by small businesses. Knowing in which environment one is evolving is easier to advance.

Then the most accessible matrix is the SWOT (or MOFF) which allows you to put into perspective the opportunities and threats of your external environment like the competition … facing your strengths and your weaknesses.

This should allow you to define your strategic orientations in the medium term, either to develop your business in a given market / segment, or to revitalize your offer or protect you from new threats.

It is these strategic axes that will then be developed into concrete actions in the field, on a daily basis: acquiring new customers, retaining others, innovating with new products or services, changing distribution channels, finding new partners .


A perfect knowledge of the market on which you act: Knowing the actors (buyers, sellers, intermediaries …) of your market simplifies things

  • Who are the users / beneficiaries / users / consumers of the products and services you deliver?
  • By what other competing offers (direct or indirect) are they solicited?
  • Where and how do they find out?
  • Where and how do they buy?
  • What is the customer journey?
  • Finally, what are the major trends to come that can change the current game see the rules of the game?

From simple questions to answers that are sometimes complex, but which you have to answer.


Who are your customers? Ah everyone! Personally I do not know this gentleman everybody! You need to prioritize your targets so segment.

Define the criteria that will best segment your buyers and users (which are not necessarily the same):

  • Socio-demographic segment in B2C,
  • Socio-economic segment in B2B.

Evaluate these segments and identify those that are the most solid in volume, growth, image … and that are accessible with the resources of the company.

Watch the advertising offers on Facebook or via Google adwords they are based on segmentation and geolocation

There is no marketing without segmentation of its / its markets, its consumers and customers. Again, this is only common sense!


Positioning reflects the added value of a brand in its market. Positioning is defined simply:

  • What is your value offer?
  • Which target segment?
  • How does your offer differ from the competition?

From this positioning comes the finalization of your offer: a range of products or services, pricing strategy, type of communication, messages to be delivered, distribution channels to remember … this allows you to set up your mix- marketing

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