Does Country of Origin Affect the Value of Gold Bullion Bars

The question of whether or not gold bullion bars from different countries have the same value has been around for a long time. Most people assume that gold from certain countries has a higher value than gold from other countries. The assumption is false. Gold is gold regardless of its country of origin. Different gold buyers have different preferences. You should buy the gold bullion bars that match your preferences irrespective of their country of origin.

Gold Bullion Bars

It is important to note that your gold investment is not necessarily made of pure 24k gold. There are no proper mechanisms to make sure that every gold bullion bar you buy is genuine. It is possible to get counterfeit gold bullion bars regardless of their country of origin. You may be unable to tell genuine bars from counterfeit ones by looking at them. The same applies to gold coins.

Some people develop certain tests to detect counterfeit gold. The first one is to check the markings compared to gold bars from the same producer. If the gold bar is genuine, its markings should be consistent with other bars.

You may use weight as a test. Most fraudsters fill their gold bars with a metal of less value. That affects the weight of the bar. You can take measurements of the bar and compare it to what is indicated. You can do a magnetism test to tell if your gold is real. Gold should be non-magnetic. If, however, it is an alloy, it may be magnetic.

Is Gold Easy to Sell?

Regardless of where your gold originates from, it is pretty easy to sell. You can sell gold in any country at any time. There are thousands of dealers in all parts of the world. You can sell your gold to investors, jewellers, or speculators. If you do not need to sell your gold yet, you can store it at home, in bank safe deposit boxes, or with private firms. Storing your gold in private firms offers you the most safety. You can store gold for as long as you like. It retains its bright color at all times and does not corrode.

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