George Ammar Offers Tips to the Aspiring Managers of Next Generation

There is nothing more stimulating than being promoted to the position of a manager. However, once the glow settles in the life begins says George Ammar, who has worked closely with many managers and finance heads during his career. George has seen many young managers fall flat on their faces due to the pressure of the work. He has seen them crumble due to the demand of the position. He has seen them being afraid of going to work due to the regular requirement for creativity. George says that one could overcome the challenges lest they put their effort in the proper place.

So, what a manager needs to know before they start handling their position? George has the answer.

Everything begins with leadership, points out George Ammar. He says that a successful manager needs to be a successful leader first. Without leadership a manager will not be able to sustain under the pressure of team management. Before someone even joins back the work as a manager, that person needs to take a closer look at the traits of a leader. It is important that you improve your leadership skill if you have been promoted to the position of a manager. You must have the man management skill. If you cannot manage your team, you will never be able to manage the projects and the pressure of the job.

Your team is your first asset. Your clients come later on. This you need to understand as a manager. Without a team, you are nothing. You must have your team by your side if you really want to succeed in your work. This is why you need to implement employee retention policies which will keep your team with you for a long time. For this you need to know each member of your team. You need to know that they have a problem and they look at you for solution. George S Ammar says, even if you don’t know everything, and you will not know everything, you still will have to offer them the required support.

You must have the ability to listen to your team. What has to say is important and this the reason, you must pay attention to their opinion and stories. What problem are they facing? Why they are not being able to reach their target? These you need to find out before implementing your rules and regulation. What you need to do is – allow everyone to talk. You need to value their problems and let them know that you care for them. This is the way a successful leader works with the team. You too need to implement this rule.

However, George warns the managers to get too close to their team. It is important to remember that the team is your asset but the team is not your friend. They work for you, not with you. There should be a limit beyond which they must not proceed. You need to draw this line.

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