How to keep fit when in the office

If you work in an office, you will know that it can be difficult to find time to keep fit, especially when you have a busy personal life too. The latest post from Furniture At Work discusses just this but goes one step further looking at the mind, body and soul.

This is a key subject in office life; sometimes being in the same room, with the same people day after day can become tiresome and mundane. Here are some ways you can maintain a healthy lifestyle both in and out of the office.

Looking After the Mind in the Office

Caring for the mind is one of the most important things when at work, you have to make sure you are not overworked, undervalued and the atmosphere is positive. Of course, those you work with can play a vital role in this but it doesn’t stop with them.

The image below has been taken from the Furniture At Work blog post, and discusses the importance of office decor and layout. Apparently, light, airy and spacious offices are more productive than offices that are overcrowded and use a dark colour pallet.

How to keep fit when in the office

As well as relationships and aesthetics there are simple exercises you can practice to help ease your mind when things get a little hectic. Breathing exercises that allow you to focus on your breath can also focus the mind, use lunch breaks to get outdoors and take the time to enjoy what you are eating.

Get Up, Get Out and Stay Active

Being stuck indoors all of the time is good for no one but when working in an office you may find this is what you end up doing: eating at your desk, working at your desk, and scrolling through your phone at your desk.

If this sounds like you then you need to make use of lunch hours and take a walk, go for a jog, or if your business is lucky enough to have a gym, go for a workout. It’s not just lunch hours that you can make the most of, but ensure you take regular breaks throughout the day to make a cup of tea, and speak to other colleagues.

Desk exercises are also a thing! Who knew? If you don’t mind confused looks coming your way then the below exercise positions could be for you:

Away from the office it can be simple to get in to the routine of sitting and watching television on the coach, but don’t become a coach potato, spend at least 30 minutes exercising or meeting friends for stroll.

Maintaining a Healthy Soul

Building good relationships in the workplace can make day-to-day activities more enjoyable and can make for a happy soul.

Eating healthy and drinking plenty of water can also maintain your focus and feed the soul. A recent survey suggests that people are eating healthier than ever before with 71% of respondents bringing their own lunch to work instead of choosing a take out.

Throughout every aspect of life health should be of key importance and eating healthier, exercising more, and maintain a positive attitude can go a long way to feeding the mind, body and soul.

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