How to Prepare for Starting a Catering Business

Caterers face a daunting challenge when it comes to keeping their supplies warm for an extended duration of time. The challenge is further exacerbated by the fact that here, masses are involved. You could be starting a small catering firm from your living quarters, vending on the streets, or multi-dollar catering business. Reputation for quality is critical to maintaining and expanding your clientele. Food containers are a critical part of your tools of the trade to complement your stellar cooking skills for a superior product offering. Below, we look at the available alternatives:

Aluminium Foil

Aluminium foil is one of the simplest yet very effective methods of keeping food warm. Wrapping food helps protect it against oxygen and light which make food to dry, necessitating adding of water which can lead to overcooking, loss of taste and freshness. The best thing about using aluminium foil for catering is that it can be used severally across one type of food. Flexibility in use and economy are vital considerations for growth when your catering business is at its infancy.

Foam containers

Foam containers are a favourite way to keep food warm among delis and vendors, who serve food to customers who are on the move. For enhanced efficiency in heat retention, first, wrap the food in a foil and then place it into a foam container. Styrofoam has simple handling requirements which make it ideal for use on food deliveries and serving clients who eat while on the go. However, Styrofoam containers are not reusable.

Thermos containers

You can also source for specially designed thermos catering containers for your catering business. Thermos containers are especially good for outside catering business when transporting soups, winter broths, and stews. The containers are capable of maintaining temperatures for long hours and are highly mobile.

Portable Stoves

Portable stoves can be used to keep food warm and also cook while on the move. This way, you not only control heat loss but get rid of it entirely. Portable stoves come in varieties of one or two ring containers which make the best for use in temporary service areas. Non-gas catering containers are available which are specifically designed for use in vehicles.

Thermal foil bags

Thermal foil bags provide all the benefits of thermos containers together with the advantage of occupying less space. You can use thermal foil bags to place small portions of food and then pack all the rations in a box, which make serving easy. Thermal foil bags are also cheaper compared to thermal flasks. They are suitable for storing solid foods. However, thermal foil bags cannot be reused.

Preventing food from drying out

Whereas catering containers help avoid heat loss from food, stopping the food from drying remains a challenge among caterers. Adding water on food to minimise drying alters with its taste and freshness. The problem can, however, be overcome by placing food in a casserole dish and immersing it in a shallow water pool to keep it moist.

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