Immigration Law: Donald Trump versus Immigrants to the USA

Kimberly Amadeo, in her article titled “Donald Trump on Immigration, Pros and Cons of His Policies” has correctly noted that “President Trump’s immigration policies follow economic nationalism.” In other words, Trump aims to protect American workers and industries from immigrants to the United States of America.

Immigration Law

In the two years that Trump has been president of the USA, he has taken extraordinary measures to keep out immigrants, whether legal or illegal. For example, he has threatened to build a wall between the USA and Mexico, and he has made it harder for workers to obtain H-1B visas (temporary work permits for skilled workers), especially from the third-world regions like Africa and Asia.

However, the most drastic of his anti-immigration measures was to withdraw the rights of immigrants who came to the USA as children to stay in the USA. However, the US District Court of San Fransisco successfully challenged this ruling by announcing that these immigrants are protected from deportation until the matter is resolved in court.

And finally, on 25 October 2018, Trump sent 800 troops to the Mexican border to prevent a large caravan of migrants seeking asylum in the USA from entering the country.

Immigration: How You can Protect Yourself

This repression of immigrants and skilled workers does not only apply to asylum seekers fleeing the oppressive regimes in their countries of origin. The crackdown on green cards and work permits also applies to the Los Angeles entertainment industry. In other words, it is more difficult for actors and other role players in the screen and stage industries like Hollywood and Broadway to get permission to travel to the USA to act in movies, television dramas, and theatre productions.

Consequently, it is clear that as an immigrant whether an asylum seeker, “dreamer”, or skilled artisan, you need to consult with a specialist immigration attorney like Joshua L. Goldstein to fight for your rights on your behalf. Currently, the immigration law is fraught with traps and pitfalls that it requires a professional attorney with detailed knowledge of the immigration law to navigate through the legal quagmire.

Final thoughts

The 2018 midterm elections shifted the power in the House of Representatives from the Republicans to the Democrats. However, the Republicans under the leadership of Donald Trump tighten their control on the Senate.

Zack Beauchamp, in his article titled “The midterm elections revealed that America is in a cold civil war” noted that America is deeply divided between two polar opposites.

On the one hand, the congressional Republicans are against immigrants from entering the USA, and they have managed to divide the USA along racial lines. Oppositionally, the other side is open to immigrants and eager to break down the traditional ethnic groupings.

According to a number of political commentators, because the Democrats now control the House, they might not be able to influence policy decisions. However, they can challenge policies and statements made by Donald Trump in court.

Thus, there is every chance that some of these draconian immigration laws will be reversed. in the meantime, as mentioned above, it is advisable to consult with a specialist immigration attorney should you wish to enter the USA.

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