Lower Your Company Electric Bills, Increase Worker Productivity

The two things that companies must always do to stay in business and remain profitable are to work on increasing sales and managing costs. Each area of business growth has its own set of needs and conditions that a company must constantly perform in order to achieve business success.

Lower Your Company Electric Bills

In terms of increasing sales, a company must hire employees who are both skilled and passionate about their jobs. They must act like entrepreneurs, scouting for new opportunities constantly and securing those opportunities on a regular basis. They must also indoctrinate new employees to the company culture and make sure that they fit in and add to the overall set of agendas.  Further, your organization should be one that people want to work for and that the industry admires or reveres.  Finally, you should have a customer-focused business strategy that inspires those who buy your goods and services to select your company over the competition. When these things are in place your company’s sales will soar.

Managing cost requires a different set of key elements. Those who operate businesses must pay close attention to every line item a company incurs as a result of his operation. They must be scrutinized on an ongoing basis, so that any ways to save money can be discovered quickly.

Business managers must be aware of the company’s primary expenses and make sure that they don’t cut the cost for something that is keeping worker happiness and productivity high. But at the same time, they must cut costs on things that can provide the same level of quality, more cheaply.

The Company Air Conditioning Unit

The company’s air conditioning system sits at the heart of any conversation around cutting cost at a business. Electricity is likely one of the top 3 monthly costs for a company and the company’s cooling cost likely account for up to 30% of the monthly electricity bill. Depending on the size of your business, this can easily be thousands of dollars every month. For this reason, it is important to examine whether the AC unit is being used efficiently and effectively.

Is it Operating Efficiently?

Whether you have a ductless with a multi split system, or a ducted air conditioner that provides cooling to every room in your business, if the unit is much older than a decade, there’s a good chance that it has lost efficiency. Air conditioning units that are inefficient, run longer, provide damp air that is cool but not cold,and require more service calls from an air conditioning technician. When your air conditioning unit is in this condition, you are not only losing money on electricity bills, you are also creating a poor environment for your employees. Employees work best and are happier in a work environment that is consistently cool.

 If your AC is no longer efficient, you should consider purchasing a new unit. Quality commercial air conditioners today are so efficient compared to ones manufactured 20 years ago, that they can pay for themselves in a relatively short period of time. They’re also Better Built and have added features that allow you to control your offices temperature in New and better ways. So replacing your old air conditioner will save you up to 30% on your electricity build and help you to have more productive employees.

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