New Year’s Resolution: Having Your Safest Year Yet

What’s on the top of your list of New Year’s Resolution this year? According to a poll Slater and Gordon have conducted, the most popular resolution this year is to better personal health and physique. If you work in an office and have to sit for long periods of time during the day, you are probably thinking of improving your sedentary lifestyle as well.

New Year’s Resolution

Where should I start my training?

You might be considering adding fitness training into your daily routine, but there’s definitely more places to start than just gym. There are many other options available for you to choose from. Here are some ideas to help you decide what kind of fitness centre for you to try out:


The first place that comes to mind would be the gym, most people choose this option to focus on weight lifting and strength training. Some even offer classes. It is a highly popular choice as you have access to an extensive set of equipment after paying a subscription and can workout at your own pace.

Athletic Clubs

If you have a specific sport that you are interested in, why not try looking for an athletic club. These are specifically for those individuals that want to incorporate fitness to a hobby. Once you train long enough, you might even want to compete with other members. It is a great way to bring in fun into exercising and will keep you motivated for longer.

Aerobic Centres

These centres offer activities to help improve cardiovascular health, they often require more movement. If you are interested in muscle toning and flexibility, you will be introduced to classes including step, dance, strength training and martial arts.

Dance Centres

Dance is an activity that combines both creativity to movement. If you are interested in taking classes you will be able to choose from various styles, from hip hop to contemporary to ballet. Between the techniques required to dance and remember the choreography, you will feel a high sense of satisfaction both mentally and physically.

Pilates Centres

Pilates is an excellent form of exercise that focuses on conditioning your body. The classes will teach you techniques to proper alignment, concentration, control and breathing. All of which benefits mental and physical aspects of good health.

Yoga Centres

Yoga centres offer classes that are less intense than the activities mentioned above, they tend to focus on teaching techniques associated with deep breathing, mental and physical relaxation as well as flexibility. It is highly beneficial for individuals who endure high level of stress during work.

Country Clubs

If you are an outdoor person, and are interested in sports like golf, then get a membership to a country club. This may be a more expensive option, but is an environment suitable for your entire family.


If you don’t take your fancy with any of the places above, maybe start with a walk or a run outdoors or even a cycling trip. These activities are cheap and is perfect to get you into the habit of moving around during the day.

Remember to stay safe

Now that you know where you would choose to start your New Year’s resolution, make sure you remember to keep some safety tips in mind:

If you’re exercising indoors:

  • Remember to drink water and stay hydrated, dehydration can lead to dizziness or even fainting
  • Remember to stretch before and after exercising to avoid spraining or injuring your ligaments
  • Avoid doing intense workouts straight away, give yourself time to build stamina towards heavier weights or longer cardio sessions

If you’re exercising outdoors:  

  • Wearing reflective clothing when walking or running in the dark can help drivers identify and prevent them from getting too close to you
  • Check the weather forecast before heading out and wear suitable clothing if the weather is cold and icy; wear insulating layers to keep your muscles warm and wear shoes with good grip.

Have a great year!

All that is left to do now is for you to have your #SafestYearYet while getting fit and healthy. For any further safety tips to help make it a great year, check out the infographic below.  Being extra cautious is a simple habit that will help keep yourself safe in the new year. Should anything happens and you require professional opinion, reach out to Slater and Gordon for expert advice on personal injuries.

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