Outsource the management of your projects, and why not?

The world of business is constantly changing, not the choice will we say. It is always necessary to be faster, more efficient, to propose always more quality, company has no choice but to renew itself constantly and that is all its interest and richness.

In order to penetrate new markets, get new customers, the company sets up development projects. 90% of these projects still involve a risk. The risk is to be wrong, not to succeed. So for some big groups with a strong cash flow the finality will probably be less anxiety-prone than for smaller companies.

Take the example of an SME, € 10,000,000 turnover, 50 employees, low margins but a relatively comfortable result of +/- 200,000 € annual. This family business is now struggling to renew itself and the increase in its turnover in recent years does not exceed 3%. We are in a waiting phase. The entrepreneur makes the decision to embark on a new market. So there will be development costs, logistics costs … and of course the recruitment of a new collaborator to ensure project management. And it is from this cornerstone that will ultimately result the success or not of the project. The entrepreneur can put the “means” for its development, if the one proves to be poorly managed it goes straight to failure is obvious. The contracts CDD,

Project management is:

  • Coordinate project / production / purchasing / quality services
  • Planning projects
  • Assigning internal and external resources
  • Follow all subcontractors
  • Coordinating several stakeholders
  • Driving the qualification and the recipe
  • Making the interface between the business, development and projects
  • Being the guarantor of contractual and financial monitoring of projects
  • Optimize business budgets
  • Manage customer contacts
  • Improving the quality, safety, health and environment system.

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