Point Of Sale Marketing!

For everyday consumer products / services it is increasingly difficult to differentiate by the characteristics of the product. It becomes essential to stage the point of sale to create a strong affective link between the point of sale, the brand and the customer: Aesthetics, ambiance, services. the antipodes of the first supermarkets that valued the sale at low prices in warehouses.

In the 1960s, this type of sale made it possible to enter the consumer society. Today the act of consumption is trivialized and the consumer becomes more and more demanding with regard to the offer made to him. It is also a nomadic consumer who is not loyal to brands, brands, retail outlets. Highly sought-after, it passes indifferently from downtown shops, to shopping malls or online shopping.


It is therefore essential to give the customer the pleasure to cross the threshold of the point of sale and to want to renew the experience. Everything must contribute to it:

  • The reception by a well-trained staff that combines competence, attentiveness and discretion, which will be able to personalize the relationship with the client (identify him, make suggestions according to his expectations);
  • Lighting, music and even odors must create an atmosphere that ensures harmony between the offer and the customer;
  • Furniture design, materials used;
  • The layout of the point of sale (circulation of the customer in the point of sale, access to the products.);
  • Services

But this is not reserved for the big brands but concerns all the points of sale: A butcher, a bakery, a restaurant, a clothing store … Without investments necessarily important but with a little creativity, it is possible to meet these new expectations of the customer.

To differentiate yourself from the competition and retain your customer, you have to pay attention to every detail. You also in your business, your business must set up a genuine marketing of your point of sale.

The layout of a place of sale is based on two areas of expertise: marketing in terms of the selection of product-service offerings and customer expectations and space design in terms of layout and of the enhancement of your spaces.

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