Prepare For A Meeting With Your DUI Lawyer

Getting a DUI is time-consuming, costly, and potentially damaging to your personal and professional reputation. When you receive a DUI, obtaining an attorney who specializes in DUI cases is essential to help avoid potential jail time while reducing fines and charges you receive on your permanent record. Knowing how to prepare for a meeting with your DUI lawyer is highly advisable to feel comfortable and confident in moving forward with your case. Create a Summary of Events After you have received your DUI, create a concise summary of events to share with your attorney, especially during your first consultation meeting.

DUI Lawyer

Having a clear memory of how you received your DUI and the events leading up to your DUI and arrest can help to move your court case in a direction that is favorable for your future and the outcome of the case itself. Write a List of Your Questions Before you speak with an Alameda dui lawyer , create a list of any questions you have regarding the law and your case individually. Having questions readily available for your DUI lawyer is highly advisable to prevent forgetting important information or not having the ability to have a question answered before your court date and hearing. Consider Long-Term Goals and Your Future When you meet with your lawyer, discuss your options along with the fines and potential charges you are facing. Consider your future and any long-term goals you have in mind for yourself when choosing how to plea. If you choose to take a plea bargain, you may avoid jail time or having a trial in exchange for heftier fees and additional community service. Discuss all of your options with your DUI lawyer before making a decision that you feel comfortable with when moving forward. Feeling prepared once you meet with your DUI lawyer is a way for you to tackle the hardships of going to court or facing a judge and a potential jury. The more prepared you are ahead of time, the less likely you are to feel overwhelmed and overcome by nerves once your court date arrives.

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