Save Energy with the Right Commercial Garage Door

If you want to use a garage door in a commercial setting, you have one of several doors from which to choose. It just depends on the site and whether the door will be used at a retail facility, manufacturing plant, or institutional facility.

Types of Commercial Garage Doors

Doors that are featured for these purposes include the following types:

  • Industrial sectional doors
  • Rolling shutters
  • High-speed doors
  • Fire sliding doors
  • Collective garage doors
  • Double action doors

An Industrial Sectional Door

One of the popular commercial garage doors in Nottingham is an industrial sectional door. These doors open and shut vertically, thereby creating additional space behind or in front of the door. The sections of each door are positioned flat beneath the ceiling and in line with the roof. Most of the doors are made with aluminium, steel, or a combination of both metals.

Synthetic Glazing

Synthetic glazing is usually featured on the doors to keep them from acquiring marks and scratches. The surface coating that is used is similar to the finish applied to vehicle headlights. This type of glazing is usually available as a regular feature and is part of the door’s cost.

Keeping the Cold Outside

An industrial sectional door also comes with insulation, which is an alternative option. Lip seals on either side of the door and a double seal featured in the lintel space safeguard the door from cold or heat loss. When insulation is included, the thermal insulation value increases by over 20%.

Safer Operations

To increase the safety of an industrial section door, powered operators are added that come with a self-tracking closing edge safety device. The devices are equipped with optosensors, which are a standard amenity.

High-Speed Garage Doors

High-speed doors can be used both inside and outside a commercial facility. The doors are used to maximise the traffic flow, save energy, and enhance internal conditions and security. Because the doors close quickly, temperature variations can be minimised, which leads to energy savings.

Frequency Converter Control

Both vertical and horizontal high-speed doors are featured with a curtain. They often are sold in roller shutter and sectional designs. In addition, the doors come with frequency converter control as a standard feature. This technology helps to extend the life of a door’s working parts.

In fact, the frequency converter takes the stress off the operation of the door’s mechanism, guaranteeing a quiet and wear-free installation. Because of the fast opening and closing speeds, a door’s operations are optimised and overall heat loss is reduced.

Whether you want to use the door in a retail setting or need it at a plant, you will enjoy the security it offers and the energy savings you will realise over time. Besides the above offerings, also look at rolling shutters and grilles. The doors can be fitted tightly to minimise heat loss as well.

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