Save Your Money Using Only Exide Life Insurance Plans

Exide is a name to reckon with in India. It is therefore no surprise to see many Indians opting for the Exide Life Insurance plans for their insurance requirements. Exide Life Insurance is a life insurance provider that is completely Indian. Exide Industries is the owner of the company. The insurer has been in the business for close to two decades and has some of the best and the most economical plans presently available in the Indian insurance market.

agents work from more than 200 branches across the nation. You will never fail to locate an agent if you wish to buy a life insurance plan from Exide

Study Exide Life Insurance Quotes

If you study the Exide Life Insurance quotes, you will know exactly how economical these plans are. You can therefore end up saving your hard earned money using the various kinds of insurance plans from Exide Life. Exide is one of the most reputed companies in the country and is dedicated to serving the citizens of India. As a result, the life insurance plans have been designed in such a way that the maximum features are provided at the minimum costs. You can get a 20-year term life cover of Rs.50 lakhs (for a 25 year old, non smoker) from Exide Life at just about Rs.550 a month. Those are some really attractive numbers, aren’t they?

Apart from the cost, the life insurance policies from Exide life are beneficial because:

  • Large network of agents: Exide Life Insurance has one of the largest networks of life insurance agents working with them. Over 50,000 agents work from more than 200 branches across the nation. You will never fail to locate an agent if you wish to buy a life insurance plan from Exide.
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified: The insurance provider has an ISO 9001:2008 certification. This automatically assures you get high quality products as well as services from this particular insurance provider.
  • Trusted insurer: Exide Life Insurance has continuously won awards for its insurance plans as well as for the services offered. It is therefore considered to be one of the most trusted life insurance providers of the country.
  • High claim settlement ratio: Exide Life Insurance boasts of a high claim settlement ratio of 89%. This means that 89% of all the claims received are settled and paid out to the beneficiaries of the policyholders. This is a huge advantage of buying a life insurance plan from Exide Life Insurance.
  • Good customer support cell: When you buy a life insurance policy from Exide, you can be rest assured about the top quality after-sales services. The company has an excellent customer support team in place who are always willing to help you out with all your insurance related issues.
  • Variety of plans: There are different types of life insurance plans available at Exide. You can buy the term insurance plan, the endowment plan, the child plan, the retirement plan and the all attractive and popular life savings and investment plans. So take a pick as per your life insurance requirements and stay protected in an appropriate manner.
  • Easy claim process: Another massive advantage of buying a life insurance plan from this insurer is that the claim process is very simple. A life insurance claim is made by the bereaved family of a deceased policyholder. If unfortunately your family is caught in such a situation, you would want them to get the claim in the easiest manner possible. Buy a life insurance plan from Exide and be assured of this actually happening. The claim process is simple and the documentation is pretty straightforward too.

Final thoughts

So, as you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, there are many benefits of buying the various insurance products from Exide Life Insurance. Everyone looks to save money and when you get a quality life insurance plan at a competitive rate, you only but lap it up. The plans from Exide Life offers quality products at the most reasonable rates. So if you need to buy a new life insurance plan, do consider the options available from Exide Life Insurance. Run a quick comparison to see which plan is best suited for you. Once you find a match, go right ahead and make a purchase. You definitely won’t regret your decision thereafter.

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