Startupers: Successful Pitching

Startupers, you would like to raise funds, associate or convince journalists to write an article about your start-up? The pitch is the solution. The success of your project will depend on it. Indeed, pitch is the act of presenting and exposing the objectives of its start-up in just a few minutes. The project leader should explain the “why”, “what” and “how” of the project.

A pitch can not be improvised. Indeed, the latter requires certain skills as well as many hours of work in public speaking. Wity gives you some tips to perfect your presentations.

1) Pitcher or how to convey in a few words the viability of your project

The primary objective of the pitch is to convey in a few words the utility of your project. To do this, you have to express yourself in a simple, concrete and precise way. You should then simplify your message as much as possible. Remember, people in front of you know nothing about your project, your business. Yet at the end of your pitch, the latter must have a clear idea of what you are doing and why you are getting started.

The question time will then be devoted to a deepening of the project and not to a verification of your remarks. You must therefore be very explicit and formulate short sentences. Forget the technical words, your audience will not retain them.

2) 3 keywords for 3 main ideas

Know it, you are not the first to pass to defend your project. Your audience certainly saw dozens of other creators before you. So they have heard many things and will have difficulty retaining all the information about your project. You must structure your intervention well. To do this, select three main ideas with each time a strong keyword representing it. Each important and structuring idea must be repeated. The ideal is to repeat them three times in:

  • The announcement during your introduction,
  • The development of the idea in the heart of your intervention,
  • The summary of the latter in conclusion so that your audience does not forget it.

You can also materialize them to further mark the spirits.

3) Your personal story is important

Describing your activity and project with technical terms will seem complex and incomprehensible to your audience. In order to counter this, clearly state the problem you are addressing with your project. This problem must be understandable to all. Ask questions and answers.

Remember, you must challenge the minds of your interlocutors. Present your project as a revolution, something useful in everyday life. Think of Blablacar, the automotive revolution: more user-friendly, cheaper and more responsible.

In order to accentuate this awareness, use storytelling . This very effective technique is to tell a captivating story. You can tell your story, the story of your project, your awareness. This will create an emotion for your project. You can then talk about your business, your values and even your ambitions. Do not hesitate to share your own feelings that you have felt in connection with this project.

4) Pay attention to your non-verbal communication

Your audience will retain your gestures more than your words. Indeed, according to your gestures, your pitch will have more or less impact. If you have a visual presentation, use it only as a support. Retranscribe the keywords, powerful images or models. However, you do not have to turn around to look at it. For that, one thing to do: know it by heart!

Think about your gestures too. You must stand straight, arms along the body but always available to support your arguments if needed with your hands. Little nod to you ladies, do not cross the legs. Indeed, women are more likely to cross their legs when standing (especially the heel).

Finally, you must smile. Indeed, the [natural] smile will inspire your audience to listen to you and look at you. If, at the same time, you get to vary the tones of your voice, then you have won. Your audience will be captured and captivated by what you say.

5) Like athletes, practice

After all these tips, your pitch must be implemented. And for that, nothing better than training. As for the actors, the rehearsals are obligatory. The more you repeat, the more you know your subject and the more you will be comfortable during your final pitch. Do not hesitate to register and even film yourself so that you can quickly correct your defects.

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