The dangerous explosion of the bitcoin: saves who can

Despite all the denials of the techies, the Bitcoin continues to fly under the pressure of a marketing that makes it a form of Russian roulette that benefits those who know the manipulation. Since March 26, the Bitcoin has increased from $ 973 to $ 2,795 . A real explosion of prices, which can only be explained by fraudulent maneuvers. It went from $ 16 billion to $ 43 billion.

As shown in the chart, increases are strictly due to an increase in volumes: in other words, there are no movements that reflect an intrinsic value of the Bitcoin which in any case does not exist since the bitcoin is not a currency . These are the last buyers who are the pigeons. They will pay at the high price the tumble that will not be long.

But behind this surge, there are formidable manipulators who have means that are exchanges of bitcoins of which several leaders are in prison. The founder of the world’s largest depository based in Bitcoins, now based in Zug, Switzerland, predicts that the value of a Bitcoin will surpass the million dollar mark in 10 years, taking by surprise the whole assembly and even the most optimists in the sector. Some see the replacement of gold. We are in full delirium.

On several occasions, these dramatic increases came from the conversion of dirty money into Bitcoin. We do not know what causes these mood swings that fall quickly. They pose a fundamental question: beyond the technology underlying the object, from which comes the value of $ 32 billion?

No regulator of false rumors or manipulations

Central banks, in their great fright of disappointing technology have simply resigned: no Bitcoin regulation is in place in Europe or the United States. The Chinese banned it because of capital flight and the central bank of Japan regulated the market after the scandal of a local bitecoin stock exchange manipulated by a Frenchman who had exploded in Japan.

They do not even agree on the definition: is it a currency (Federal Reserve) or a raw material (Bank of Finland)? One thing is certain, it is a fraudulent mechanism whose value reflects the mirror to the larks that the high priests of technology try to convince us without their words being challenged.

While the slightest declaration of a company about its activities and benefits is regulated, the control authorities let gurus lure the public without reacting. Yet it is their responsibility.

As the very serious Market Watch says, there are three reasons that could lead to a sharp correction of this crypto-currency: first of all the bitcoin signs the return of the financial bubbles, then it will most certainly lead to over-investment and  a wild speculation, and finally the bubbles always end by bursting. And these corrections will undoubtedly have unexpected training effects.

You can be sure that the central banks will tell you that they know nothing and are not responsible. A greeting hello. These billions are wind. And there is no safety net at the Bitcoin collapse.

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