The Role of BSE in Promoting Trading

The Bombay Stock Exchange or BSE offers the primary mean for the trading of shares and other financial instruments. Today, the entire place is digitized, but prior to this, shares were bought and sold in this location by traders shouting on the floor. But things have changed now. Through the internet, you can connect to the BSE from any location, and carry out trading activities in desired stocks.

Bombay Stock Exchange

History and Current Environment

This stock exchange traces its origins back to 1875 when it was initiated as the Native Share & Stock Brokers Association. Now, more than a hundred years have passed since its initiation. With the implementation of computer technology in its working, the stock exchange is fast-paced. People from all over the country can trade in it from their location through its website. It has an important role in the country’s economic development. It is through this stock exchange that many companies have raised capital to carry out their activities.

Important facts about the BSE’s Certification

The presence of the Bombay Stock Exchange can be felt in more than 359 cities and towns across the country. Its workings are at par with what is seen in international exchanges. All activities carried through it are genuine and transparent, and various standards and safety practices have been put in place for the purpose of protecting market activities. This exchange also has got an ISO 9001:2000 certification; it is the first exchange in India and the second exchange globally to get it. It has an online system called BOLT or BSE Online trading system which has got the Information Security Management System Standard BS 7799-2-2002 Certification.

The exchanged is number one in the world for the number of listed companies that it has, and it stands in the fifth position internationally for the number of transactions. The environment of this stock exchange is simply outstanding with traders and brokers working from different sections to carry out their activities. The latest information on the market and the most vital details of stock trading can be quickly availed here. It is the first exchange in the country to set aside about one million rupees towards investor protection fund. This amount is the highest contribution made by any exchange towards investor protection. It also launched a program called safe investing in the stock market, which runs 264 programs which are held in more than 200 cities.

A key feature of the stock exchange is its surveillance system also called BOSS or BSEs Online Surveillance System. It checks the movement of prices, volume positions, default risk, cross-market alerts, and other such vital parameters in real time. Through it, you can get accurate and updated information on these points through which you can make trading decisions.

Through the exchange’s, which is its internet trading system, investors across the world can trade in its platform, making it very convenient for them to do the activities they want, make an investment, gain profits, and do further reinvestment in their desired financial instruments.

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