What you need to know about kraft tape

Custom kraft tape is a product an increasing number of companies are looking to acquire and use for packaging and sealing boxes. There are many benefits to using water activated tape or gummed tape as they are also called. But before getting into them, let’s first go over the history of how kraft tape became this popular as it is today.

Before Amazon, the ecommerce giant, started using gummed paper tape to seal their boxes, there weren’t many other companies that were using this product. The main reason of its unpopularity compared to other packaging tapes may be due to its time consuming and messy application process. It is recommended to purchase a special dispenser, which shoots water onto the adhesive to activate it and stick perfectly onto the box. This will prevent the tape from slipping around on the box from over applying water or having less than the required amount of water to activate the adhesive properly.

That being said, once Amazon began to incorporate kraft tape on their boxes, other companies took notice and wanted to copy the player quickly taking market share of many products in different industries.  It is no secret that gummed paper tape provides a stronger seal than the more commonly known packing tapes such as polypropylene, PVC and acrylic.

For those people who are concerned about the environment, it should come as good news that gummed tape is 100% recyclable and biodegradable and it is the only packaging tape that is. The adhesive coated to the film on kraft tape is made of vegetable glue that is completely soluble in water. It is also good to know that no solvents are used in its fabrication and the paper gummed tape breaks down easily in the recycling process.

There really isn’t only one kind of industry gummed paper tape is suited for. Since it does come in a variety of different widths, lengths and the option of getting it reinforced with the string, it allows many companies to truly consider it as an option.

When the adhesive gets wet and is applied to the box, it soaks in to the carton fibres so the gummed tape becomes part of the box. This adds security to your box by making the packages tamper evident. It is easy to print on the surface of gummed tape to promote your brand. It is possible to print up to three colors on film but be advised the colors will look slightly different being printed on a brown paper tape. If these points haven’t convinced you yet, kraft tape ages and deteriorates slower than standard packaging tapes.

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