Why Are Our Audits Not Free?

Imagine a physician prescribing an effective therapeutic protocol that is not preceded by a thorough diagnosis of the patient’s health?

Similarly, a consultant must undertake an in-depth audit / diagnosis of the company with which he is called, before making recommendations that can remedy the disorders identified or improve the performance of the company.


The diagnosis must be based on factors internal to the company and concerning all the functions (production, logistics, marketing, finance, human resources …) as well as external factors (demand, competition, economic situation, evolution of society …). ). This diagnosis therefore involves multiple skills.

These different investigations also require time to complete them. Although the size of the company and the complexity of its offer and market have an impact on the time it takes to develop this diagnosis, it is not possible to make a serious diagnosis in less than two days in a TPE and this may require several weeks of investigation in a large company.

Business audit

Getting a fair and accurate diagnosis is 50% of the way to realize to improve the performance of your business

For example, those who make the diagnosis a free call-up product in an hour or two simply seek to sell standardized kits of basic tools that do not meet the specific needs of companies and can ultimately reveal at best unnecessary for the company at worst add problems to problems. Ready-to-wear is not suitable for the company!

However, on the basis of a thorough diagnosis, the consultant can propose a tailor-made action plan to meet the company’s expectations. This diagnosis is not a cost for the company, but an investment guaranteeing the proposal of rigorous and judicious recommendations .

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