Why You Should Ensure Your Website is Mobile-friendly

It’s no secret that technology is constantly evolving, and with that, more and more people are relying on their mobile devices for just about anything and everything. From scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to watching videos on YouTube, to sending and reading emails, to online shopping, our tech enables us to do what we like, when we like – and it’s all right at our fingertips. As marketing specialists Appco UK point out, it’s crucial for businesses to capitalise on this trend – and one way of doing this is by making your website mobile-friendly.

To find out why it might be time to optimise your site in this way, keep reading.

Your customers expect it

In a blog post on its site, Appco Group mentions a study, conducted in 2016 by Google, which revealed that four out of 10 people search for businesses using only a smart device. With so many people choosing to surf the web on their mobiles rather than a desktop, it’s safe to say that your customers will be expecting your website to be compatible with their mobiles. If it’s not, you could run the risk of losing out to your competitors.

In addition to this, your customers will expect your mobile site to look a certain way too. As Appco points out, by making sure your website is easy to use and view on any device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or a PC, you can keep your desktop and mobile sites consistent in terms of look and feel. This can make it easier to build trust with potential customers.

It could make you more of a profit

Mobile users are different to desktop users in that they’re after information quickly and in an easy-to-digest manner. As a result of this, many reports show that these users are more likely to make an impulse buy via their device. According to a study conducted by Adobe, tablet users spend 50 per cent more money per purchase than those who browse the web on a desktop. So, if your website isn’t yet mobile-friendly, you could be missing out big time when it comes to profits.

Google may penalise you if you don’t

Google is a pretty useful tool, and it’s a lot more intelligent than you might think. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, the search engine will recognise this. Google wouldn’t be performing its job properly if it showed results that are useless for people viewing sites on mobiles, so your search engine rankings could suffer if you don’t take this aspect of website design seriously. To avoid this pitfall, it’s time to optimise your website for mobile users.

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